Here is a few recent work which we completed. We just don’t design logo but a brand identity. If you’re looking for help with the design, redesign, or refinement of your visual branding it’ll be a pleasure to hear from you.

"A large proportion of our customers came from the campaign done by KoluMittayi."

KoluMittayi developed an advertising campaign to support a restaurant launch. Working with an established local business, they placed ads and promotions for the new restaurants on the back of their receipts.
Praveen Saseedharan
Deputy Manager, Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd.

Innovative Marketing

When we take a new project, we study and design very carefully the marketing campaigns to reach the prospective customers. We apply unique and innovative guerrilla marketing strategy to make our customers product visible in the market. Our digital marketing strategy is very around the marketing campaigns we do. We just don’t do campaigns, we ensure increased footprint to the using innovative ways.

Package Design

Stand out from the rest, get quick attention of the customer, That’s our motto for package design. You will never know your sales potential if your package doesn’t attract the customers eye. We design packages with a knack of story telling which customer makes customers to relate to.

social media marketing

We Connect our clients to customers through various social media campaigns. Rather than putting post we work on campaigns through story telling method. Our brand strategy help us to create personalized marketing campaigns using creative visualization and clever digital marketing promotions to enhance and grow our clients brand and product.

Our recent works

We design personalised marketing campaign for the Local Market